"All-Day" Bundle

"All-Day" Bundle


With flavors to get you through your whole day, you can enjoy the Retea All-Day Bundle morning, noon, and night.

Save with this great bundle for yourself or as a gift. It includes a variety of delicious teas and an infuser to help your get started brewing. Enjoy a bundle of teas that include:
(1) 20-serving Retea Chamomile Lavender
(1) 10-serving Retea Vanilla Mallow
(1) 10-serving Retea Breakfast Tea
(1) Stainless Steel Tea Infuser

With both caffeinated and herbal options, plus a premium tea infuser, you can start brewing up some Retea right out of the box.

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Retea Chamomile Lavender is a mellow + smooth herbal tea infusion that is soothing. The whole Egyptian chamomile flowers are accented with floral European lavender and a hint of cornflowers. Enjoy as is, with a drop of honey, or a squeeze of lemon. For steeping instruction click here.

Retea Vanilla Mallow is a floral + creamy black tea blend. The mild sweetness of the vanilla pieces are accented with floral notes from the blue mallow blossoms and the assam tea flowers. While the vanilla taste is present in this blend, it does not overwhelm the overall flavor. This popular tea is often described as balanced. For steeping instruction click here.

Retea Breakfast Tea is a smooth + balanced black tea flavor with subtle notes of malt. It is a blend of two black teas sourced from Malawi and offers the strength of a traditional black tea flavor without the bitterness. Enjoy as is, or with milk and sugar. For steeping instruction click here.

The 2" stainless steel tea infuser allows you to steep loose leaf tea without allowing any particles to seep into the tea. Simply fill half, close the infuser, and steep! It works well with different styles of cups and teas, and it includes a stainless steel chain with a clip that hooks on to the cup for convenience.