What is your shipping policy?

Batch no. 02 orders will ship every Monday and Thursday. As of now, we ship using USPS First Class Mail for orders of 4 pouches or less, and use Priority Mail for larger quantities. We charge a flat rate of $3.75 for shipping regardless of quantity.


Currently, we do not offer international shipping.

Why loose leaf tea and not tea bags?

Flavor! Most tea bags allow only the smallest particles and leaves of tea to make it into the tea bag. The smaller the leaf, the less flavor. Loose leaf tea is whole leaf. Once submerged in water, the tea leaf expands and releases its flavor. Not all tea bags make that possible.

How do I order wholesale?

If you are interested in purchasing retea wholesale, please contact us at ssaad@getretea.com

How is your social mission implemented?

In short, we make monthly donations to our nonprofit partners based on the number of pouches sold. These funds are directed to refugee education programs. Each pouch funds up to 10 hours of education. 

For more info, please visit our social mission page or email us at info@getretea.com.

How do I know when the tea is steeped correctly?

The only way to tell is to taste it. We offer guidelines on the packaging and on the product pages for steeping your blend, but in the end personal preference should be your guide.

What is herbal tea?

All tea comes from the same plant 'camellia sinensis'. Herbal teas do not. Herbal tea is an herb or a mix of herbs. Sometimes, herbal teas are referred to as an infusion or a tisane. 

How should I store my tea? 

Keep your tea sealed and airtight in the pouch you received it in. Store at room temperature. Cooler temperatures will result in condensation building up on the tea leaves. 

Overtime, tea will lose its freshness due to air, heat, moisture, light or odors. These elements can cause the flavor to deteriorate.

How much caffeine does tea have?

Hibiscus Mint and Chamomile Lavender are herbal teas and do not contain any caffeine. Vanilla Mallow, Earl Grey and Cinnamon Orange are curated with black tea, which contains caffeine. The amount of caffeine in these 3 teas ranges slightly depending on brewing style. Generally per 8-ounce cup, black tea contains 45-60 milligrams of caffeine. Jasmine is a green tea and contains 35-50 per 8-ounce cup.

Have Questions?

Email us at info@getretea.com