Currently Available: Batch no. 02

Since batch no. 01, we've made a few tweaks to our menu, our website and our packaging to perfect your experience.

  • Now, every Retea pouch can brew up to 30 cups of tea giving you a months worth of tea. 
  • Vanilla Currant is now Vanilla Mallow. Based on customer feedback, we replaced the currant with Assam tea flowers giving it a smoother and more mellow flavor.
  • Based on feedback, we are introducing some traditional tea blends in sampler packs. Now you can order an Earl Grey sampler pack that contains a traditional Earl Grey and an Earl Grey Cream. A Jasmine sampler pack is also available giving you a pouch of Jasmine Blossom and a pouch of Green Jasmine. One of each may be added to our regular menu after batch no. 02.
  • You can now purchase high quality steeping infusers directly from our site. They're easy to use, just fill up half, close and steep!
  • Each pouch now includes steeping recommendations, including suggested steeping times and quantity of tea per cup.
  • A gifting option is now available at checkout.

From the time you land on our website to the time you have that warm cup of tea in your hands, if you are unsatisfied in any way, or have any suggestions, send us an email at

At the beginning:
Batch no. 01

Through a full year of behind the scenes product development, we carefully crafted, matched and paired ingredients to curate what has become Retea's propriety blends. Here's the story behind each.

 Adam and Saad working to perfect our Chamomile Lavender blend at the 2016 World Tea Expo.  

Adam and Saad working to perfect our Chamomile Lavender blend at the 2016 World Tea Expo.  

Cinnamon Orange


Cinnamon Orange was a tough blend to master. We started with sourcing Ceylon and Chinese black teas, teas known for their full bodied taste and their strong black tea flavor. We then sourced orange peel, Southeast Asia cinnamon, and Madagascar cloves. We envisioned a naturally sweet and spicy flavor for this blend. The orange peel was key, and just the right quality and quantity of cinnamon was a must. A hint of cloves would supplement with a warm yet intense flavor. 

Chamomile Lavender


We were inspired to have a comforting tea in our menu, but a comforting tea that wasn't light to where you couldn't distinguish its flavor characteristics. This blend was created for that reason. Chamomile Lavender is a balance between Egyptian Chamomile, Lavender and Cornflower. Quality Chamomile and Lavender are quite potent, and we wanted them to balance well with Cornflower. Cornflower has a mild taste, but the kind of mild taste that has depth. The final result was a calming tea, with distinct Chamomile and Lavender overtones, and a prolonged slightly sweet aftertaste. Chamomile Lavender turned out to be both aesthetically beautiful and delicious!

Vanilla Mallow


Vanilla currant is as smooth of a tea as can be. A blend of three black teas are used to form a bold base. This base is then accented with soft Vanilla, Bergamot, and floral notes of Assam Tea Flowers and blue mallow blossoms. The final recipe allows each ingredient to come together in way that allows each flavor note to be distinct, yet perfectly balance and form a smooth, soothing and slightly sweet blend. 

Hibiscus Mint


This blend was an absolute hit from the get-go. Hibiscus Mint formed the foundation of our understanding of what flavorful tea meant. When we first tested this tea with many friends and family members, the great overwhelming majority fell in love immediately. There is not much tea out there that has the balance and intensity of flavor as this tea does.