Retea makes it easy for you to get delicious tea. We taste test hundreds of teas and herbs from across the world whittling it down to the most flavorful ingredients. We then curate and hand select our current menu based upon real world customer feedback. You get to enjoy full flavor teas, plus a portion of your sale does good for someone else.

Every Retea pouch we sell provides a refugee child with up to 10 hours of education. These purchases add up to make a life changing impact for someone in need.

Refugee education programs are severely underfunded leaving millions of children and young adults without access to an education. We partner with nonprofit organizations to help fund these programs. A safe, secure learning environment helps a child grow and lead a productive future.


Saad Saad (left) and Ali Bazzi (right)

Saad Saad (left) and Ali Bazzi (right)

Saad Saad

I'm an adjunct professor, a conflict resolution professional, and a basketball enthusiast. At Retea I oversee the overall business strategy, product line and day to day operations. I enjoy our Vanilla Mallow tea most.

Ali Bazzi

I am a business consultant, a technology enthusiast, husband, father, and an avid runner. At Retea I work on the overall business strategy with a primary focus on our marketing and product development. I'm partial to our Assam Black, sometimes with bit of milk and sugar.